Tuesday, August 26, 2008

After seeing some amazing artwork at Comic Con this year I was inspired to try my hand at painting. I did some watercolor stuff when I was a kid but this is my first real attempt at acrylic. I should probably call this piece "key learnings".


edman goodrich said...

Awesome work. Twisp and catsby are perfect for acrylic, too.

bboykrillin said...

I need to start getting my hands dirty again, use some real mediums like this, i spend too much time in Photoshop.

Gonna sit down with some pencil, paper, paints and go nuts!


Lets see a CTS strip done in acrylic sometime (pretty please?)


Mark said...

Very nice! Lovely colours, and the stars hanging from the tree is great!

JL! said...

Sweet! I like it. And even if I wanted to criticize it, I couldn't. Because it's not for critics.

Child's Play auction piece?

Kevin Mitchell said...

Nice painting!

Did you use transparent glaze for blending the grass?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that looks great.

If this is your first real attempt, then I wish I had your natural talent, haha.

Cola said...

It's super satisfying, isn't it? I love painting.

Unknown said...

It's so cute. The tree is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! You did a very very good job for this being you first time at acrylic. I think that would sell for a pretty high price if you put it up for auction at Childs Play this year.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I hope you continue painting, I can't wait to see future work :)

Pikman said...

well done!

Luka said...

This is nothing but good news to me, I think you'll be able to get out some really interesting stuff, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the Child's Play auction idea. I imagine the piece has a special place for you as the first work though...

Or, you could hang on to it, die, and then have your grandchildren auction it for millions!

John said...

Nice work!

You don't happen to know the name of the kit your parents bought you do you? I really want to start painting, but assembling the tools and mediums has really stopped me.

Anonymous said...

Love your work. Keep it up!

M.C. Rolston said...

This is quite good, especially for a first attempt. Feel the Zen of paint, my friend.

pablo pablo said...

Nice all works!

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